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Motorcycle & Scooter Repairs & Servicing in Wembley and Harrow

Welcome to North Wembley Motorcycles.

We repair and service motorbikes, scooters and mopeds from all manufacturers.

Based in North Wembley, we provide a full service for all types of motorcycle.







Free Pre-MOT Check

Whilst we are not an MOT station, we can provide a free pre-MOT check and arrange the MOT for your motorbike or scooter.


Motorbikes Scooters Tyres & Service



Motorcycle services:

Motorbike Repair

We can repair your motorbike

Motorbike Servicing

We can service your motorbike

Scooter Repair

We can repair your scooter

Scooter Servicing

We can service your scooter

New Tyres

We can supply and fit new tyres

Wheel Balancing

We balance your wheels when we change the tyres

Puncture Repair

If your motorbike tyre has a puncture but there’s plenty of mileage left in it, we can repair the puncture and have back up and running.

Repairs to most types of puncture cost £25.

Part-worn Tyres & Used Tyres

We stock a range of used or part-worn tyres if you are on a tight budget.